I want to purchase an ATM network

How does this business work?

The solid economy of the United States minimizes any external risk that is usual in Latin American countries.


Within the United States, 48% of the circulating cash proceeds from independent ATMs, such as those offered by MoMat. Over the last years the use of cash has remained in 5% of the total circulating money, with no prospect of change. Given the growing bankization of people and the closure of bank branches due to their high maintenance costs, private ATMs have multiplied and become a daily multifunctional resource for the users.

Our role
Momat is a leading player in the placement and management of independent ATM networks in the south of Florida, United States. With the possibility to monitor your ATMs transactions via your mobile phone. For more information, take a look at our video.

We are strategic partners of premium quality ATM providers, obtaining the best ATMs in terms of price/quality for our clients.


We assess each location´s (placement) potential, with a scorecard, hence prequalifying each location.


Being a 24/7, 356 days a year business, managing an ATM is no easy task. MoMat is responsible for the handling of cash, security systems, daily route creation logistics, surveillance and maintenance. Our own predictive system allows us to project the terminal´s cash consumptions, therefore efficiently recharging such.

Reasons to choose us

Accessibility and profitability

Owning an ATM generates high net income in dollars that grows as new ATMs achieve higher visibility in their locations, receiving more transactions.

Full service

We are behind every detail that matters so that your ATM network yields the best performance. Contact MoMat and we´ll take care of the rest.

Managemement efficiency

MoMat has the human team and the necessary technology to guarantee the operative efficiency of over 800 locations managed in the south of Florida, in the United States.

Know how

Thanks to its founders international experience of over three decades in financial services, MoMat has grown continuous and exponentially over the last three years. This is why MoMat is one of the leading players in this industry in the south of Florida.


ATM owners have online and real time access to all the information they need concerning their ATM network. Thanks to our app, ATM owners can remotely monitor in detail all the ATM´s activity.